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Your Average Card

Are you ready to have your average card right in your phone? Join us as we jump into the 21st century with the Official ATA Average Card App! On the app, you can see your averages, up to date yardages, category, ATA number, and up to date membership status. Swipe to the right and you see shoot by shoot scores! Additionally, in the bottom right hand corner, you have the ability to enter scores and punches to make sure your information is always correct! All of this in one app and it’s free! Of course, the possibilities are endless. In the future, you can expect updates to include lifetime averages, profiles, messages, parent/coach versions, and so much more! Stay tuned for the next update!

right in your phone

your scores

Throw out those old paper average cards and join us in the digital world with the Official ATA Average Card App. We have everything the old one does and more!

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premium version:

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Lifetime averages, 100 straight counts, profiles, friends, messages, leagues, ATA officials versions, and so much more!

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The Parent/coach


Keeping score? Use the app! Multiple kids to keep track of? Use the app! Set up teams and be the coach or parent your kid needs!


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